Chiang Mai is more than just a tourist attraction in Thailand. For the locals and expats, it is a quiet escape from the bustling streets of Bangkok. They also know you haven’t experienced the city until you visit a Thai café.

There are many expats living in Chiang Mai and others are on the way. The country offers them a simple, laid-back, cost-efficient, and better quality of life. Foreigners are in for a pleasant surprise when they visit the cafés in the country.

It’s not true!

No matter where it is in the world, every café should have the following characteristics:

  • great cell phone reception
  • several charging outlets
  • free and reliable Wi-Fi
  • comfortable seats
  • pleasant music
  • clean area and good air flow
  • provide quality drinks and snacks

The most important characteristic in this list is the quality of drinks served. Aside from customers, it is the backbone of any successful café.

Read on to learn the best drinks to order at a Thai café.

The Best Drinks to Order at a Thai Café

Cafés in Chiang Mai serve several delicious drinks:

  1. Coffee

Everyone knows the number one drink at a café will be a type of coffee. After all, café is the French word for coffee house. Here are a few of them:

Iced Coffee – this is made by pouring coffee over freezing ice cubes. Also add milk poured on the cubes as required. There are a variety of iced coffees.

Espresso – it is made by using pressured boiling water on freshly ground coffee beans.

Double Espresso- A single espresso comprises one shot. A double espresso has two shots of espresso.

Americano – this is an espresso with hot water on top. Serve with a small jug of milk to add as required.

Café Latte – it is made by pouring a shot of espresso into a glass cup. Then add steamed milk and a bit of foam on top.

Caramel Latte – A caramel latte has two shots of espresso, vanilla syrup, milk, and a caramel sauce.

Cappuccino – this is made using espresso, hot milk, and steamed frothy milk. You can also sprinkle chocolate or cinnamon on top.

  1. Tea

There are different teas available:

Thai iced tea – We pour a mixture of Thai tea, milk, and sugar over ice cubes. Thai iced tea is a specialty of Thailand.

Black tea – this is made from oxidized tea leaves. Furthermore it has many health benefits. One such benefit is in reducing blood pressure.

Green tea – green tea does not use oxidized tea leaves. It helps with digestion and also improves heart health. It is sometimes served as an iced tea.

Herbal tea – it is made by mixing hot water with the chemicals from the extraction of herbs, spices, and fruits. It is used for health and treatment.

  1. Smoothies

Smoothies are very tasty drinks.  We make them from fruits blended with other ingredients. They could include honey, water, ice, yogurt, cinnamon, and milk. Additionally some popular smoothies available in Chiang Mai include watermelon, apple, and caramel.

  1. Juices

Each café decides whether to make freshly squeezed juices. Many offer orange, grapefruit, and also apple juice.

  1. Beer

Craft beers are popular in Thailand. These beers are from countries such as Belgium, America, Germany, and Japan. Cafés in Thailand also have set restrictions for the time they can start selling the beer to patrons.

Get the Thai Café Experience

All these examples show that the Thai Café experience is special. Most noteworthy is that it is both enjoyable and also relaxing.

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