Planning a trip to Chiang Mai, and wondering what you’ll eat for breakfast? You’re in the right place. Chiang Mai is known for its welcoming hospitality and is an increasingly popular tourist spot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a truly authentic breakfast here. Eating local food is a great way to experience the Chiang Mai culture. You might enjoy a fresh smoothie with local ingredients, a hearty rice porridge, or a savory noodle soup. And why not mix and match, trying a different brekkie each day? Remember, you don’t only have to eat breakfast in the morning — many establishments serve these dishes all day long. Ready to get some inspiration? Read on for details on exactly what to eat in Chiang Mai to get your day off to a great start.

Don’t blame me if you get hungry reading this…

What to Eat in Chiang Mai for Breakfast

Some cafes and restaurants in Chiang Mai offer a traditional all day breakfast, which is great if you’re missing home but might not be the most exotic choice.

Fancy something a little more authentic? Then try one of the dishes below.

Rice Porridge

This rice porridge, or ‘jok’, as it’s known in Thailand, is a wonderful choice when you’ve got a big day ahead of you. It’s made by cooking rice until it’s soft and mushy, like a kind of savory oat porridge.

There are loads of way to season rice porridge, but popular additions include ginger, soy sauce, garlic, coriander, and black pepper.

It’s generally served with pork and egg, making it a filling meal that will keep you going while you explore the wonders of Chiang Mai.

Fruit Smoothie

Lighter and fresher than the previous option, fruit smoothies are perfect for those who don’t like to eat a big breakfast.

Many popular fruits, like bananas, are in season all year round in Thailand, so there aren’t any air miles to worry about. Fresh fruits are combined with water, juice or coconut milk to create sweet, refreshing blends.

The combination possibilities are almost endless, but here are a few of the best:

  • Banana, coconut, and mango
  • Strawberry and passion fruit
  • Raspberry and orange
  • Blueberry and banana
  • Apple, carrot, and melon
  • Strawberry, raspberry, and kiwi

Wondering what to eat in Chiang Mai when you don’t want a huge meal?

A smoothie is exactly what you need!

Noodle Soup

If rice isn’t your thing but you want to enjoy a savory breakfast, then noodle soup could be the perfect option for you. This is one of the most common breakfast dishes in Chiang Mai, and you’ll find it almost everywhere you go.

Noodles are combined with a tasty garlic, chili and ginger broth — the perfect way to awaken your senses. For a more filling soup, you can add meat, fish, tofu or vegetables.

When it comes to deciding what to eat in Chiang Mai, you certainly won’t have limited choices.

With breakfasts ranging from light, sweet and fresh, to aromatic, savory, and filling, there really is something for everyone.

Check out a local Chiang Mai breakfast spot today!